Wonder Baby

A timeline of all the amazing things our smart baby can do!

Become Miss America – Nina now knows how to do the hand-hand elbow-elbow wave of all pageant queens. 

Make like a sheep – and say ‘baa baa baa’… 

Pull herself up to stand! – this was totally unexpected and every bit the moment of wonder I expect all these baby learning stages to feel like. 

Bite into something twice as hard – now there are two little teeth poking through and she is cuter than ever.

Go to Heaven – Today Nina was christened at the First Haitian Baptist Church in Boston by Pastor Donald LaRoche. 

Agree with you – in addition to saying ‘da da da da da’ Nina can now say ‘ya ya ya ya ya’.  No ‘mama’ yet.  Saving the best for last!

Bite into something – like my finger!  Today Nina cut her first tooth.  She had her mouth up to a glass cup and you could hear it go ‘clink clink clink’!

Sleep through the night! – No more night feedings!  Though it’s only been two nights, we are stoked!

Sleep in her own room – We were so proud of our little girl who’s growing up so fast and can now sleep a full night away from mom and dad in her own room.  I think she sleeps better in there because it’s much darker than ours.  

Drool like there’s no tomorrow – We’re pretty sure she’s teething but just don’t know when those first two chompers will make an appearance. 

Call for her pops – Nina can say ‘da da’. Of course all mothers know that this is because babies are able to make these sounds first, rather than ‘ma ma’….

Be left with a babysitter – Kate’s practically family, but she was the first ‘babysitter’ we hired (and by hired, I mean we paid in wine) to stay with Nina while Ricardo and I went out for a nice dinner to celebrate our 8 years together!  And while she didn’t take advantage of our empty house, we told her it would be ok if she invited her boyfriend over next time.

Sit up on her own – Gone are the days of holding a sleeping blob of a baby.  Nina can sit up on her own and play nicely in a safe corner of the couch or the middle of the bed.

Be a cover girl – Ricardo has signed Nina up at a modeling agency (for fun) but wouldn’t it be great if she became the new breadwinner in our family and I could stay home and just be mom?

Pilates – Really, she’s trying to sit up.  But when she’s trying to protest against lying down or lounging in your lap, she does what looks like The Hundred pilates move.

Play Well with Others – This was Nina’s first day at day care.  Was I a bad mom because I didn’t even think to call and check up on her?  I think I just feel really good about the people caring for her, so no need to worry!  Hopefully her good behavior lasts from week to week.   

Sing in an Opera – We think Nina is testing out the range of octaves in her voice.  Her normal tone is on the lower end, but all of a sudden she is channeling Mariah.  Sort of.  It’s hilarious and much preferred to high pitched crying. 

Wear Earrings – Yes, our lovely little one is now rocking the bling.  After the ok from her pediatrician (and her Tetanus shot), we headed over to – where else? – Claire’s at the Cambridgeside Galleria.  Placing the dots for the piercing sites took the longest.  She was a trooper though!  Just one silent scream, a few tears, and voila!  

Eat Rice – Nina is living up to her Asian heritage by eating her first bowl of rice cereal.  She seems to like it, as we all assumed she would.  

Touch Her Toes – Today baby has found her feet.  Probably because her cool jammies have giant lady bugs as footies.

Wear a Stylish ‘Do – We keep hearing, “Look at all that hair!” so I finally decided to do something with it.  Pigtails!  So cute, if I do say so myself.

Flip Over Like a Pro – Three times in a row and without a fuss!  Head control is great and she holds it up high when she’s on her belly.  It’s so fantastic to see her developing each week! 

Fake Constipation – Gross, I know… It’s been 4 days since Nina had pooped.  What’s going on?  Called the doctor and they gave us some options on what to do to help her have a bm…  First was the rectal thermometer to stimulate the area.  But as soon as we were getting ready to do it – she let it all out!  Whew!  That solves that problem.  

Look Germs in the Eye – Nina got her first vaccinations today.  And she was a trooper.  No fever and just a little cranky for the rest of the afternoon. 

Rock the Vote! – Nina fell asleep in the stroller while mom and dad waited in line to vote in the 2008 Presidential Election.  Go Obama! 

Be the Princess She Is – I played ‘Susie Home-maker’ today and created a tiara and fairy wand for Nina’s Halloween costume.  No, I didn’t sew the dress too, but she seemed to enjoy it.  By the time I put on the second outfit (Halloween bib and ‘Boo’ socks) she was already too tired – and it was only 11 am.  No candy or trick or treating for this little one. 

Work It Down the Runway – Ricardo’s friend German (pronounced Her-Mon), aka ‘Papito’, moonlights as a photographer.  He came over to do a mini-photo shoot of our lovely little one(s), Layla included.  Albums available for viewing at our house… 

Enjoy Clear, Baby-soft Skin – For about two weeks, Nina was cursed with the dreaded baby acne, brought on by (of all things) hormones from me.  Luckily it has cleared up! 

Take a Proper Bath – In the tub, that is.  Her umbilical cord has finally fallen off so we no longer have to worry about getting it wet!  I saved it.  Is that weird?  I think it’s a cultural thing. 

Chill at the Mall – Like any old teenager (though she’s not quite there yet), Nina took her first trip to the mall (with mom and dad of course).  We hung out at the Chestnut Hill mall and strolled around in her cool Quinny.  

Poop with Monstrous Force – We didn’t believe it could happen, even when Nina’s pediatrician said it might.  But let’s just say the morning started off with yellow-y French’s mustard poop all over my shirt, down my pant leg, dribbling off the changing pad, onto the bed sheet, all over the floor, on the dresser and the breast pump.  Amazing.



  1. She’s seriously with an agency?! OMG she’s gonna be famous!!!

  2. How can she have a tooth already?!

  3. this is the most fun I’ve had all day… all week… all year…. 🙂 I love reading this! Keep it going! Where have I been?

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