Posted by: Sharon | September 14, 2010

As the weather turns cooler…

We are still holding on to the last bits of summer fun!

Posted by: Sharon | August 29, 2010

This week’s chocolate fix: Chocolate chip pancakes

At Robinwood Grill in JP.

That’s all.

Posted by: Sharon | August 25, 2010

Dance like nobody’s watching

How’s that saying go?  Apparently Nina knows it:

Posted by: Sharon | August 23, 2010

Makes me laugh every time

When my little girl confidently belts out:

Nina toes
Nina toes

Nina toes
Nina toes

And eyes
And ears
And mouth
And nose

Nina toes!

(and if you don’t know the song – where have you been? – it’s supposed to be ‘knees and toes’…)

Love it!

Posted by: Sharon | August 21, 2010

Nina-ese = Nina’s language

Baby suit = bathing suit

Mayos = tomatoes

Sucka ball = Soccer ball

Sucka ball = basketball

Sucka ball = baseball

Skew me = excuse me

Comeer = come here

Bess yo = God bless you

Zacky = exactly

Fayers = flowers

Choo choo = train

Red = red

Red = blue

Red = yellow…

Posted by: Sharon | August 20, 2010

This week’s chocolate fix: Kit Kat DARK

I was in Vancouver this week and loaded up at duty free. Why is there so much better chocolate outside the US? Or am I missing it and KIt Kat Noir exists here too? In any case, YUM.

Note: just because I haven’t posted a chocolate fix in a while, doesn’t mean I’ve been chocolate-free all in between…

Posted by: Sharon | August 19, 2010

More summer fun

Pretend this is like a flip book…

Posted by: Sharon | August 11, 2010

Apologies to the month of July

Sorry July.  There was no time for posting.  We were too busy doing this:

And this:

Some of this:

And a little of this:

Posted by: Sharon | June 30, 2010

The Score is 1-1

While the world watches the World Cup, here in the Mathelus household, we are keeping one eye on the Bowl Games. The toilet bowl games, that is. And the score is currently tied: Poop 1, Pee 1.

Yes, she’s only 21 months old. And before you say anything about rushing things, pushing the child before she’s ready, I’ll have you know that all of these discussions have already been had.

However, who am I to deny the child that follows me into the bathroom in the morning after we wake saying, “Mommy, pee pee potty…” ?

We’re proud and doing what we can. It’s exciting to see this little girl grow up. And in the end, we’re all winners for less diaper changes and more independence!

And here is the trophy:

[insert photo of poop in potty here]

(no, I’m not the type of mom to commemorate this occasion with a photo. But you get the picture.)

Posted by: Sharon | June 26, 2010

First full sentence!







(She said it as robotic as this reads. Probably because we taught her to say this sentence one. Halting. Word. At. A. Time. But, WOW!)

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