I wanted to start this site to get with the times, to record the days of my new life as a mom and also to fulfil a need to write.  I pondered for a while the name that I would give this blog, starting with things like, “My Sharona” or “Me.Now.”  The former being overused in all of my usernames, the latter being way too serious and almost laughable.  I wanted something more whimsical, and something to make me smile.

So, Chocolate it had to be.

And why does chocolate make me happy, you ask?  Literally, ’cause it tastes good!  Then there’s the whole scientific endorphin explanation.  One could even argue that my new baby is a little bit o’ chocolate (hahaha).  But more than that, I’ve chosen ‘chocolate’, in this blog, to represent of all the yummy, sweet, happy and feel-good moments in my life.  Now that I’m a mommy, those moments are many, and I choose to savor every last bit(e).


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