Posted by: Sharon | June 30, 2010

The Score is 1-1

While the world watches the World Cup, here in the Mathelus household, we are keeping one eye on the Bowl Games. The toilet bowl games, that is. And the score is currently tied: Poop 1, Pee 1.

Yes, she’s only 21 months old. And before you say anything about rushing things, pushing the child before she’s ready, I’ll have you know that all of these discussions have already been had.

However, who am I to deny the child that follows me into the bathroom in the morning after we wake saying, “Mommy, pee pee potty…” ?

We’re proud and doing what we can. It’s exciting to see this little girl grow up. And in the end, we’re all winners for less diaper changes and more independence!

And here is the trophy:

[insert photo of poop in potty here]

(no, I’m not the type of mom to commemorate this occasion with a photo. But you get the picture.)


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