Posted by: Sharon | June 11, 2010

Why I hate traveling for work

  • 5am flights
  • Seeing buttcracks in front of me in line at security
  • People who think they’re too important
  • People who don’t know how important I am…
  • Creative International Dance Team in matching track suits
  • Blaring broken chimes in the plane cabin
  • Crazy clown-like eybrows on the lady next to me
  • Planefull of 60+yo transplant surgeons acting like giddy school kids
  • Connections that are too short (who can make it to a different terminal and gate with only 5 minutes between flights without running? And I DON’T run for transportation)
  • Not enough time for coffee
  • Saying bye and not seeing baby Nina and the hubby for 5 days straight


  1. awwww I can totally relate (Lola is my Nina and hubby)!!!!

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