Posted by: Sharon | May 18, 2010

The Disposable Swimsuit

Huh?  That’s right.

On our recent trip to Chicago, of course everyone packed a swimsuit (Nina included) except me. Must have been too busy packing all that work to take along on my vacation…

Anyway, the Four Seasons being the fancy hotel that it was, had an awesome pool, which was heated, indoors, family friendly, offered free fresh squeezed OJ, etc etc.  So when I got over being bummed-out for forgetting my suit, I figured the plan was to find the nearest H&M or Old Navy so that I could buy myself an inexpensive suit, and take part in Nina’s first-ever time in a pool.

So Ricardo goes, “Just ask the spa for a disposable swimsuit.”

What? You mean something else right? You don’t mean disposable?

“Yeah. It’s made out of paper.”



And I’m supposed to go in the water in a paper bathing suit? (You should have seen the look on my face that said he was crazy.)

And in the time it took for me to make a face, the spa attendant walks out with this:

A disposable, paper swimsut.  (Apologies to you, husband.)  In a small, discreet plastic pouch.

A swimsuit, that *magically* fit me.  That was HILARIOUS when I tried it on.  Because, it wasn’t that bad (though, it wasn’t that great either).  Still, it was a relatively cute navy and white houndstooth pattern, modest boy cut short bottom, halter tie, and even had some elastic-y cinching stitching to give me some sort of shape and waist.  The fabric left a little to be desired (think cheap picnic tablecloth, made of paper but covered in weird water resistant coating) but it did not tear when I bent to sit down (whew!).

And contrary to the screeching warnings in my head, it did not dissolve upon contact with water.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It lasted a number of wears in the pool.  And in the end, I threw it out!


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