Posted by: Sharon | April 30, 2010

This week’s chocolate fix: Chocolate covered pretzels

Excuse me, no.

Asher’s Dark Chocolate SMOTHERED Pretzels.

So totally a different kind of chocolate pretzel. But don’t get me wrong. I love me some Flipz chocolate covered pretzels. Sometimes that salty and sweet is just what you need.

But this Asher’s pretzel, which is THE BEST, and a single gigantor sized pretzel btw, will make you forget about all the others.

The first time I had it was in the United Airlines “Luxe” snack box on our flight back from Hawaii. Ricardo was asleep and I treated myself to the whole yummy thing…

I just flew out to San Diego for work today. On United. And guess what I got? Smothered goodness. Ooohhhh yeeeahhhh.



  1. I love the peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels at Trader Joe’s, as well as there regular choc covered pretzels. Nothing, though, can beat those choc covered potato chips you brought us in that big plastic bucket from the Big Island. Damn, it was a yummy heart attack in a bucket! I will definitely have to try those Asher’s pretzels!

  2. you can get it online now!

  3. You’re so bad! But, thank you so much!

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