Posted by: Sharon | April 14, 2010

This week’s chocolate fix: Everything Ghiradelli

Have you been? To Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco? Or to the Ghiradelli ice cream shop in San Diego?

Well if you’re like me, you would have said yes to all of the above. And if you’re like the Mathelus Fam, you’ll have been to the one in Chicago as well!

I reeaaally wanted to get one of those decadent 70% and more dark chocolate oooey-gooey sundaes. Especially the one with mint chip ice cream. BUT I was considerate and actually asked the hubby what he wanted to share.

So we ended up getting a scoop of Ghiradelli chocolate and a scoop of strawberry ice cream topped with yum yum yummers hot fudge and whipped cream in a choco-dipped waffle bowl.

Hello 8 billion calorie dessert.

Delicious though. And I had more than half the bowl to prove how much I liked it.

Note to self though: when you walk into these Ghiradelli shops, they hand you a chocolate square sample. But don’t stick it in your pocket. Because they open the packages for you. And if you don’t hear that part of their welcome schpiel, you’ll end up with a pocket full of mess.

More on our Chicago trip later!


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