Posted by: Sharon | April 2, 2010

That Girl… part II

Or more appropriately titled, ‘Those Girls’.

My two. Baby plus dog.

They are apparently the ‘it’ girls in the neigborhood. So cute and friendly, they can literally stop traffic.

Case in point, I’m walking the dog and pushing the baby stroller (yeah, I’m THAT multi-talented) one sunny afternoon down Centre Street and this SUV stops dead in the middle of the street. A woman yells out the window some mix of: How old? / She’s so cute! / I have two at home! / I love boxers!

And the only reason I don’t remember exactly is because this has happened more than once. You can even interchange the situation to apply to either baby or dog (just switch out the last exclamation of course).

Interactions like this help me to remember to walk down the street with less of a “don’t talk to me” scowl and more of a semi-smile (short of looking like those weirdos who walk down the street smiling to themselves, of course). To say hello to my neighbors with an open mind, and for the simple sake of saying Hi, like Nina innocently seems to do every two feet. It puts a smile on other people’s faces and also on mine.

And how can you not smile when a cutie patootie is coming atcha with these crazy moves? You just gotta crack a smile. Or crack up:


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