Posted by: Sharon | March 11, 2010

Celebrating 2 Years

Today, I am reservedly observing (and secretly, ecstatically rejoicing) my two year anniversary*. With the pair of dark blue Guess jeans I haven’t worn (comfortably) since before I was preggers.

[smallish cheer]

I didn’t even know these jeans were still in my closet after the emotional clothing purge.  But they were. Quietly waiting.  And I took a risk, not just because it was Thursday, and casual jeans Friday was a whole day away, but I decided to try them on, which if you’ve been in this boat, you know that unfavorable outcomes can result in an emotional wreck, not to mention extreme moodiness for the rest of the morning/day/week.

And guess what?  They fit!  Without any body contortionism.  With zero-to-minimal circulation cutoff.  So I left them on.

[smallish cheer, again]

So with that, I want to confess my secret habit of buying clothes that are too small for me, but which I purchase solely because I feel like sometime soon, I will actually be able to fit into these pieces.  Which I imagine will look good… when they actually fit. 

Granted, I haven’t done this in a long while… until last week that is, when I ordered some fancy jeans, which were at 60% off and free shipping (read: justification), that supposedly fit curvy (read: big-ass) figures and are favorties of celebrities like Beyonce and such (read: cool and hip).

They arrive tomorrow.   And are my inspiration to keep eating better.  Lay off the chocolate.  And generally to keep feeling good about my post-baby body.  I hope they fit!  Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll even post a photo!

*an estimate, but close enough


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