Posted by: Sharon | March 10, 2010

This week’s chocolate fix: Chocolate syrup

Plain old chocolate syrup. In whole milk. To make chocolate milk. Yum.

I made the mistake of trying a dark chocolate syrup a couple of months ago. But guess what? It was a mistake. Not the same as the good old chocolate syrup I remember from days past. Making chocolaty chocolate milk. Dipping crackers into it and fishing them out with a spoon…

So maybe this post should be called chocolate milk. Which I was 100% certain would be a hit with Nina, who we are desperately trying to get to drink milk in anything but a bottle. (This is a 2 week long story in itself. A post for when I can say we might finally find ourselves successful because then I can report on a happy ending.)

But for now, she likes plain old chocolate syrup too. On my finger. On her lips and dribbling down her chin. But not in her milk!


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