Posted by: Sharon | February 28, 2010

Finish this sentence

Here’s how this quasi-mad lib might go, if Nina could talk:

When I get angry I…
A: Throw things and try to pull off my socks.

My favorite articles of clothing include…
A: My legwarmers and Hello Kitty socks.

I like to sleep…
A: In my mom and dad’s bed, upside down so it’s easy for me to fling my legs around and accidentally kick them in the chin and ribs.

If I owned a CD player, the CD in it right now would be…
A: Stevesongs by Mr. Steve.

I’m really well known for…
A: Shaking my bootie and making up my own lyrics to songs.

You can tell I’m finished eating my meal when I…
A: Throw my fork or spoon on the floor along with every bit of leftover food too.

I like to have privacy when I…
A: Am having a poop.

My favorite off-limits place to be is…
A: The bathroom where I climb onto the toilet and lean over into the sink and pretend to wash my hands. Or stick my fingers in the Vaseline jar.

The last thing I touched was…
A: My dog’s butt.

I love to…
A: Put on a backpack or a purse over my arm and pretend I am going to work like my mommy.

I hate…
A: Milk in a cup.

If my dog and I were in a fight over our favorite ball toy…
A: I would win.

People say I am more like my…
A: Dad because we both fart the same.

My most dramatic scenes involve…
A: Throwing myself on the floor with a fake cry and/or yelling ‘Ow ow owweeee!’ for no reason.

If I’m not your friend, you’ll know because…
A: I’ll give you my ‘mean look’.

Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with Miss Nina!



  1. This is hilarious! Loved it!

  2. I am so looking forward to the next installment!

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