Posted by: Sharon | February 22, 2010

The Buried Life

Have you seen this show?

It’s like The Bucket List. But waaaay cooler.

It’s a group of four young guys who are totally charismatic and endearing. They are traveling the country on a mission to accomplish all of the things on their wish list. Along the way, they try to help one person at a time to also do something.

Their million dollar question: What do you want to do before you die?

In tonight’s episode, they are in Washington DC trying to play basketball with President Obama. Trying to prove the point that anything’s possible.

They also help a group of friends reunite to do something they haven’t done in over 50 years.

Lots of tears. I haven’t cried this much since their last episode when they helped deliver a baby! Weird, I know, yes, but so awesome.

But I also cried an hour ago watching Kourtney Kardashain give birth on E! Um, both very moving episodes…

Watch it! And Keeping up with the Kardashians too, if you have the space on your DVR.



  1. I saw the previews for this show, but haven’t watched ’cause I don’t have cable anymore:-(

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