Posted by: Sharon | February 10, 2010

“Vovals” and other new words

Nothing says time is flying by like a toddler who’s starting to talk to you as you still struggle to lose that last 5-25 (!) lbs of baby weight…

So what is my little jelly belly saying these days at a little over 16 1/2 months?

Voval (oval)
Popo (purple)
Ten choo (thank you)
Don tech (don’t touch)
Alow (hello)
Oh no (oh no)
Up dow (up down)
Wooooo (woof woof – what a dog says)
Hi Tati (hi auntie, in Creole)
Nom nom (I’m hungry)
Kkkkkkk (milk)
Ma ma (ma ma)
Mommy (mommy!)
Mum mum (dad….)
Da-ee (daddy)
Nena (Nina – when she is pointing at a picture of herself)
Nnna (Nina – when you ask her what her name is)
Ahpo (apple)
Na na na (banana)
Whyyy (bye)

That’s all I can remember for now but as sure as time flies, there will be many more Nina-words to come. Stay tuned!

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