Posted by: Sharon | February 10, 2010

Our Little Shoe Model

Robeez 2010 Spring Collection:


  1. How did you get Nina started out in modeling anyway (she is the cutest thing by the way!)? 3 people last month told us that we should get Kai into modeling, but I don’t even know where to start (and frankly I am worried that castings will require a significant amount of time out of our lives). Is it worth it? Clearly, I need some schooling on this…

  2. It’s not as much time as you might think, though being in NYC you might get more jobs and calls than in Boston. For us it really is an hour here, a couple hours there. sometimes weekends. sometimes 2x a month. Sometimes nothing for months. Because Ricardo is home in the day and works at night, it was his idea to do something with Nina – I said go for it. and that I didn’t want anything to do with it for fear that I would become a stage mom! To this day, I have only been on one shoot (this on for Robeez) just to see what it was like. Fun, but boy I would never want to be a baby wrangler professionally! you really break a sweat! We did our research with a few different modeling agencies in Boston that we got recommendations and read reviews for. There really are only a couple that represent babies. And as babies, you don’ thave to spend $ on professional headshots, so there was no money investment there, only time. As they get older, many agencies require professional photos, which i believe can run hundreds of $ and up. So right now, it’s just for fun. If she gets a call for a casting, they go, if she does great, then great. If she has a meltdown, no big deal. There is no stress or pressure and we get over it in seconds. We have no expectations! But the extra $ is good for her to start her college savings!

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