Posted by: Sharon | December 31, 2009

Firsts and Lasts

Some recent “firsts” to report include:

Nina’s first haircut! I offered to do it myself but Ricardo wanted it done professionally. Okay, so I’ve never cut hair before, and granted, Nina’s curly/wavy/straight/baby fine hair is not as straightforward as say, giving yourself bangs in the 7th grade, or trimming split ends. And that bald spot in back, which is starting to fill in, doesn’t really help to simplify the situation either. But really, when I saw the 3 or 4 snips “Miss Debbie” gave (and literally that was it), I watched my $24.99 go down the drain. Seeing Nina’s excitement at the kids’-oriented salon was fun, but I think I will sneak the next trim myself when Ricardo is not home.

My first visit to the hair salon in over 6 months! And I really needed it. Thankfully Ricardo got me a gift certificate to my usual Newbury Street spot where I went to see my old reliable stylist with the lazy eye. I think I’ve probably been going to him for the past 5+ years now and have “cheated” on him maybe 3 times. Not bad but I do feel guilty sometimes. He doesn’t make me feel horrible about it when it happens but usually just quickly fixes any f-ups. He’s great. Also got the BEST blow dry of my life there the first time I ever went to the salon. I’m talking I have never had my hair so straight and flat. And I’m Asian so that’s saying a lot. This guy dried my hair soooo straight with just a dryer and brush. No flat iron or anything. What skill.

First movie in over a year! This holiday season afforded me at least one day of vacation where Nina was also in daycare. Ricardo played hookey from work and we went to see a movie for the first time since the summer I was preggers. Talk about a long time ago! We saw Avatar in 3D IMAX and it was so worth the wait.

And a Last:

Really that this is the last post I will make this year. This decade. Wow. So weird to write that. I remember being in high school still dating things with “1997” or whatever. Never imagining that we would party like it’s 1999… Then came Y2K. Now here we are 10 years after that! I’ve said it more times than I can count, but time sure does fly.

Peace out, 2009. I’ll miss you and all the firsts that happened this year. But I’m very much looking forward to 2010.


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