Posted by: Sharon | December 11, 2009

No miniskirts after 35?

Is that the rule? Cause I just cleaned out my closet and had to wake up to reality. Basically telling my miniskirts to move over and make room for mom pants. Yikes. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Needless to say, 12 years, numerous stressful jobs and one baby later, my fresh-to-Boston bod (not that it was ever anything to brag about) is sadly no more. It’s weird to pick up a piece of clothing and literally have a flashback to the exact time and place I recall wearing said article, remember who I was with, what was said, what I regret…

Like the white ruffle mini. I think circa 5 years ago? Girls were rocking it in the spring/summer, with Uggs even. I had one. It “fit” and was just short enough that I had to keep tugging on it to be sure I wasn’t flashing the goods. Oh how great moments like that ironically feel in hindsight. Because now, in real time, I might just be able to get my right thigh into the darn thing.

Sigh. I’m working toward the day when I can resurrect that itty bitty mini and its close buddies: courduroy mini, denim that I wore every single day-mini, and let’s not forget the grey Diesel mini.

And that’s not to say I want to relive my youth or even leave the house in something I shouldn’t be wearing. But I want to at least get back to that fun, carefree shape-of-me.

And if I can get back into those dear minis by 35, maybe I’ll just wear them around the house. A little. Sometimes. When no one’s home.



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