Posted by: Sharon | December 1, 2009

Nina’s favorite things

1. Oranges. Her new favorite fruit! Messy but easy to hand to her slice by slice.

2. Tomatoes. Her second favorite fruit/veggie. VERY messy. Just ask the dry cleaner who is trying to get stains out of Ricardo’s button down shirt. But I can’t complain much – she is developing healthy eating habits! Maybe those will rub off on me…

3. Rearranging furniture. At any given moment, I might walk into the bathroom and find a set of plastic chairs, Tupperware in the bedroom and the TV remote in the closet. Do I have a future interior designer on my hands? This has yet to be seen.

4. Dancing. Yes, this love continues. She can now work a twirl and some hand gestures into her hip-shaking action. It is the cutest thing. Ever.

5. Watching herself. In the mirror. In videos. Looking at photos. A little narcissistic, yes. But I like to think she is just developing her self-awareness.

6. Walking the dog.  She will grab poor Layla by the collar and drag her all over the house.  My little leader.

7. Jumping into a pile of leaves.  This is obviously a Fall thing.  But it’s like, the moment she saw a pile of leaves for the first time, she knew exactly what to do.

8. Drinking apple juice.  And milk.  She can even say ‘apple juice’.  But when she tries to say ‘milk’, somehow it comes out as ‘Kkkkkkkk’….’

9. Roll her eyes.  What a sass!  I hope this does not last very long.  But it’s hilarious that she knows exactly when to do this and how to make an impression.

10. Say ‘NO!’  It would be great if this does somehow last into her teen years.  Then we can skip the sex and drugs talk.

(bonus) 11. Giving hugs.  This replaces #4 as cutest thing ever.


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