Posted by: Sharon | November 19, 2009

Your Baby Can Read

Yes, I’ve seen the informercials at 2am.  Believe me, I am frequently up at that hour, and 3am and 4am for that matter too.  I don’t think I’m going to be throwing down a couple hundred bucks for the DVD/flashcard program anytime soon though.  I mean, I learned to read the good old fashioned way, and I turned out ok.  And I love to read still!  Heck, I work for a publishing company for crying out loud.

So imagine my proud peacock feathers when Ricardo captured this one on video:

Is that not the best or what?

Note: Subsequently, we had to perform some minor reconstructive surgery on this book as page 8 or so was torn into a few pieces after this rambunctious child got bored while I was cooking in the kitchen.  Nothing a bit of magic scotch tape couldn’t fix!


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