Posted by: Sharon | November 6, 2009

Cheerios in my bed

Yes folks, it’s come to this. I see food in my bed and am resigned to *sigh* clean it up later when I can find the time. It’s moments like these when I can feel myself evolving further into mommy-hood.

I know, I know. It been a year already, you say. Still I find newer things each day that surprise me and keep me guessing as to what is around the next corner.

Will my home remain a perpetual mess?

Will I ever stop this back-breaking stop-bend-over-pick-up-(fill in the blank)-repeat dance?

Will I ever again be able to put any object down on a table or ledge without worrying that it will be swiped and end up in someone’s mouth (baby or dog) or end up spilled all over the floor?

I know that the inevitable answer is yes. But for now, yes seems like a million miles away! And I don’t even have time to dream that far ahead anyway.

At least I can multi-task and have breakfast in bed tomorrow morning. Cereal anyone?

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