Posted by: Sharon | May 28, 2009

M.I.A. almost

Based on popular demand (maybe just Carolina and Ricardo), I’m making an attempt to post more new things.  The good thing is I have kept a running log of things that I want to blog about, whenever I find the time (which looks like not nearly as much as I thought).  Seriously, I’ve been traveling a lot for work and thought, “I’ll just blog in my hotel room at night before I go to bed.” Obviously, that has not happened.

I’ve also put some thought to just making this blog solely about Nina (aka the ‘chocolate’ that makes me happy) and her adventures.  I can’t promise that I won’t throw in a rant or two about bad drivers in Boston, but I’ll try to keep focused…

In the spirit of being “all about Nina”, which is mostly the reason I haven’t been posting lately, I’m going to get rid of the extra ‘pages’ behind this blog and post everything up front to give you more to read and more for me to update and post about!

Another good thing – because I’m posting this at literally the very last moment in May, I can still say that I have posts for every month this year (so far), so ha!  I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth completely.

So keep reading folks!  I’ve got lots to tell you all about!



  1. Well finally!;-p

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