Posted by: Sharon | April 2, 2009

Some questions…

1. Can you be allergic to carrots?  We started feeding Nina her first vegetable ever this past weekend and the next day she broke out in red splotches and bumps all over her face…

2. Will I forever have road rage? Granted I only drive the car a max of 5 times a week, maaaaybe, probably only 3, and it seems that every time I’m behind the wheel I say something like, ‘Stupid (fill in the blank)’ or ‘Dumb (expletive noun)’…  I almost considered having my own car to drive so that I wouldn’t have to take the T to work any more or do our car switch routine to pick up Nina at daycare.  But who am I kidding?

3. Can people really be oblivious to the fact that when they look you up and down as you’re having a conversation face to face, that it’s EXTREMELY rude?  There’s a woman I work with who does this, but I think she’s soooo weird that she probably doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it.  It just irks the heck outta me.

4. Can my baby have any more hair?  See this picture of her in the bath, which I’m sure she’ll ‘love’ me for taking, especially as I show it to all her friends when she gets to be a teenager….  I just took her lovely locks out of pig tails that she had been wearing all day, hence the big, weird poofiness.




  1. I demand an updated blog!!!!!

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