Posted by: Sharon | March 13, 2009

Babies in Bars

When Mecca was visiting, we made a visit to the Sam Adams Brewery for their tour and beer tasting.   I must say, it’s a really great, easy and fun thing to do with guests because:

1) It’s right across the street from my house
2) You actually get to taste their beers
3) It’s free

They give you some history, let you taste the hops they use, and then (heavenly choir sings) bring you to their own little pub within the brewery for some tastings.  We were able to get our hands on a brand new brew that they had just created a couple days before called Boston Brick Red.  Sooo good.  Nina loved it too:



















 No, she’s not REALLY drinking beer.  But she does love glass cups (and champagne flutes, and wine goblets, and anything that she can put in her mouth…). 

This got me thinking about future parenting decisions – like will I be the mom who lets her kids have a taste of alcohol at home so as to offset the forbidden acts and curiosities that she might indulge in away from home?  How does this parenting stuff work?  I obviously don’t want my child to get trashed and drive home drunk one day because she’s too afraid to tell mom and dad that she’s been drinking at some friends house.  But I also don’t want her to be drinking at some friends house.  How do you strike that balance? 

I know a girl whose mom tried to be the best friend type, exposing her to alcohol and things in the home.  She seemed well balanced to me and also well loved.  Then she ended up pregnant at 17 and her dreams of going away to college, etc changed dramatically.  Is it all a game of roulette?  Can we really control what happens or just be there to provide what we can in the best decisions that we make and let fate take its course?

I can see that I’m in for a long haul full of worry.  I hope that I can put aside these premature concerns racing through my head, relax and enjoy my baby.  Maybe I should have a beer.


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