Posted by: Sharon | March 9, 2009

Fabulous bedtime reads

Being in publishing, many of the gifts Nina received from friends and co-workers were books, which is awesome as I love to read and hope that she develops the same fondness for literature.  We have books all over the house and when bedtime comes, I try to read her a different story every night.  There are so many books still which we haven’t touched, and lots of favorites that I’ve read more than once, I have to admit.  She apparently pays lots of attention during storytime at her day care (according to her daily reports) and she seems to listen and want to hold the pages, so I’ll take that as a start.

These are two that have actually made me cry (as in “I’m such an emotional mom that I cry watching Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel”):

Barack Obama: Child of Promise, Son of Hope by Nikki Grimes
I especially like how the story incorporates Obama’s childhood in Hawaii and the diversity of ethnicity there.  That, and it’s a sunny paradise.  Makes me miss home.

Someday by Alison McGhee
Oh, so wonderful.  These people really know where the waterworks button is.



  1. Read her the notebook and start getting her ready for romantic stories….you’ll cry like a baby:-)

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