Posted by: Sharon | March 4, 2009

Wow, where have I been?

To explain my short hiatus: I’ve been busy (more like crazy) with work, picking up dog poop, shoveling snow, calming a crying baby, washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, disinfecting the refrigerator, picking up hairballs around the house, deleting reruns from the DVR, procrastinating, riding the T, taking out the recycling, suffering from insomnia, shopping for an elliptical machine, procrastinating some more, grocery shopping, shoe shopping(!), and some other stuff in between (like watching all the shows on my DVR).

Really the fun stuff that’s kept me busy was hanging out with my dearest and long-time friend Mecca who was visiting from the JAX (that’s Jacksonville, FL for you non-airport code speakers).¬† More on our adventures and photos to come.


  1. excuses excuses!;-p

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