Posted by: Sharon | March 4, 2009

Pooches n’ pistols

So, this one is for Caro again since she so deftly interpreted my last dream.  Basically I keep dreaming of angry, rabid-like dogs who are trying to attack me or someone else in the dream.  Then there are guns, people getting shot, etc etc.  My last dream also involved a bank robbery.

What’s going on in my head?  I’m hoping that all this means hidden potential (as in the momentum behind a firing gun), a yearning to be heard (like all the yapping dogs trying to get attention), and maybe a big pot of money (bank robbery…)?



  1. I’m gonna start charging you for this!

    Guns: “an image of aggressive male sexuality, with the added dimension of orgasmic symbolism in the firing of the bullet”
    ALSO: “outside the sexual sphere, such weaponry may symbolize the obstacles you feel ranged against you as you pursue your aspirations–especially if you are a woman in a traditionally male profession. Who are the “big shots” barring your progress?”

    Dogs: “dogs enjoy a universal symbolism as humanity’s faithful companions and guides. BUT a vicious hound tearing apart a helpless prey symbolizes the assult of untamed instincts on the unsuspecting enterprises of our conscious mind”

    Bank robbery: “the person who steals people’s valuables may represent someone whom we distrust without necessarily realizing the fact. If our dream-self is the thief, the object we steal may affect the dream’s meaning”
    Money (bank robbery): “money is a symbol of power and represents an ability to achieve an objective. Dreams of money may simply reflect anxieties about our finances”

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