Posted by: Sharon | February 20, 2009

I <3 DVR

Really I do (heart it).  It’s the best thing next to chocolate.

Here are some of the things waiting for me to watch on my DVR list right now:

America’s Best Dance Crew (this is probably my favorite thing on Mtv, being almost 30 and ashamed to say that I still watch this channel; and I vote too – Go Beat Freaks!)

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (cause I love the Travel Channel almost as much as I love DVR and the latest show was on the Phillippines)

Amazing Race Season 14 (because I secretly wish that me and Ricardo could do this, except we would probably lose/drown if there was a task where we had to dive to the bottom of the ocean or something)

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (um, 10 kids?  Amazing!  As opposed to that woman who got IVF and now has what, 14 kids? Crazy!)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (seriously watching this show makes me laugh so hard that I save the recordings and make Ricardo watch when he gets home too.  Games like Blindfolded Musical Chairs and Ball Twister?  You have to see it.)

Dirty Jobs (I also heart Mike Rowe)

And I’m ashamed to admit it, as watching Vh1 is worse than Mtv:

I Love Money 2 (really Ricardo set this to record, not me)

For the Love of Ray J (I don’t really watch this, but trashy is sometimes fun)

And what I consider ‘The News’:

The Daily Show (really the only thing I enjoy watching to keep up with what’s going on in the world (?), other than the weather channel)

The Colbert Report (also great for a good laugh)

For my nostalgic self:

Spain… on the Road Again (Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow – who would have thought this road trip crew up?)

Because of DVR I have absolutely no idea of what’s on TV during ‘real time’ and am oblivious to the other really great shows on (according to what people tell me).  But I can relax and watch what I want after Nina goes to bed, fast forward through all the commercials and pause when Nina wakes up crying, so what more could I ask for!?



  1. I heart DVR too, but I don’t use that heart sign ’cause I think it looks like a penis with balls. Seriously, look at it! P.S. I CANNOT believe you watch I love money! Gross!

  2. I don’t REALLY watch it. I thought out of all of these someone would say something about the stupid Ray J show…

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