Posted by: Sharon | February 19, 2009

Dreaming in (techni)color

I had the weirdest dream the other night.  I already told Kate (because she was in it) and Ricardo (just because) – so if either of you are reading this, feel free to skip this one.  For the rest of you, if you happen to moonlight as a dream interpreter, please step forward.

So, it starts off in a scene like something out of The Ten Commandments (c.1956, the one with Charlton Heston as Moses).  There are long, winding, stone-paved roads.  There are three of us (who I later assume to be Kate, Me and Mecca) dressed in garb of the time, flowing tunic-like things and really slick hair-dos (?).  We are wandering an ancient city and each gateway to the individual sections of the city has its own guard.  I remember a comedian in armor greeting us at one.  The we meet the queen (who faintly reminds me of Michelle Obama) who is taking us to meet the king (Barack?).  Karen is supposed to meet us, but won’t be able to join us until 1:00(?) and we are supposed to tell Colin Powell (??) that she will be late.  (Note: this is the only real reference to a modern day person, not that that is supposed to help explain anything…)

So Queen Michelle takes us on a tour of the city.  At one point we stop on the roadside and Kate busts out a brush to brush her hair.  Here, my dream does an extreme closeup of Kate’s shiny new bob, though it’s dark black, and not at all her real hair color.  Michelle Obama tells her, in halting English (?) not to brush her hair.  I immediately know in my dream state that it’s because she doesn’t want any trail of us left behind (foreshadowing?).  But perhaps this is linked to my hair falling out in real life.

Along the way we pass by a pit of wild dogs (perhaps picked up from our day on Sunday at the dog park in the South End with Layla, but wait for it –)

Anyway, we eventually make it to the upper part of the city where I suddenly find us in a shower, and rather tight quarters at that (being that there were 4 of us).  Michelle then proceeds to shoot all of us in the head.  (Note: This is the only reference to an item of modern times).  There was lots of blood and my view was that of me floating above the dead bloody bodies.  Our limp selves are then thrown into the pit of hungry dogs who then tear us apart and eat us up.

End of dream.

And I remember every little detail.  It’s unusual and hasn’t happened to me in a while where I’ll remember everything about a dream immediately after I wake up.  And this one was so odd in the sense that it had that Technicolor feel to it.  I know people usually dream of things that they recall and remember from the day before or something, but it would probably have made more sense if it was Christmas time and I had just watched The Ten Commandments on TV late one night or something.

Any takers?  Death = change?  What about the gunshot to the head, bloody messes and being eaten by wild animals?



  1. Do not fret, the dream interpreter is here! Well, I’m a medical interpreter, but I do have a dream book! Let’s see what it says:

    Similarity to Moses-time: “he may symbolize the importance of moral integrity as a first step on the path to wisdom. The journey- the process of learning- may in itself be even more valuable than any final goal”

    Hair: “often a symbol of vanity, long hair may also express a woman’s powerful sense of her own femininity”

    Dogs: “dogs enjoy a universal symbolism as humanity’s faithful companions and guides. BUT a vicious hound tearing apart a helpless prey symbolizes the assult of untamed instincts on the unsuspecting enterprises of our conscious mind”

    Showering: “a shower has connotations of an act of rejuvenation or purification prior to a new stage of life or the attainment of a new level of consciousness”

    Guns: “an image of aggressive male sexuality, with the added dimension of orgasmic symbolism in the firing of the bullet”

    Tomb/being thrown in the pit: “an open, empty grave may beckon us to abandon present, perhaps unsatisfying pursuits and start out on a new path. The tomb then becomes a place of security, growth and rebirth, signalling a time to turn from material to spiritual preoccupations”

    Floating in the sky: “may represent current feelings of optimism and success–the world is at your feet. But the dream depicts an impossibility and may be a warning from the unconscious against overweening ambition, perhaps stemming from a secretly held recognition that you have been trying to achieve too much too fast in your social or professional life. The dream alerts you to the possibility of being brought ‘down to earth with a bump'”

    NOW, the KEY is that EVERYBODY and EVERY LIVING THING in your dream is a part of you. Each person/animal, represents something in you that you’re going through whether you’re aware of it or not. The situational things, like Michelle Obama and Colin Powell and the ancient city, may just be a frame for your dream to happen in. Like if you saw them on TV recently, your subconcious grabs on to that image and superimposes everything else on it so you can remember it.

    Yes, I know, I rock. This is what therapy can do for you! Awesome dream. If I didn’t have so many things to talk to my T about, I might bring this up to her:-)

  2. omg. Awesome insight.

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