Posted by: Sharon | February 9, 2009

Road rage

Everytime we are on the road, Ricardo inevitably makes a statement that starts with, “I hate…”

I hate when old people are driving in front of me.

I hate when we’re behind a big SUV and you can’t see the road in front of it.

I hate when we just wash the car in the winter and the salt and dirt kicked up by the car in front of us makes our car super dirty again.

All valid statements.  So here’s my road rage too:

I hate when people throw trash out of their window into the street. (Litter really bugs me.  I once saw someone throw a half-eaten hot dog onto the road while we were at a stop light.)

I hate when the city bus runs the red light to make a turn out in front of you ’cause they know they’re bigger than you and you will stop for them, whether you like it or not.

I hate when people drive in the middle of two lanes and then cut across in front of you to make an illegal turn (which happened the other day).

There.  That’s it for now.  Once Nina starts mimicking what we say, I’ll have to stop swearing out loud in the car when someone is being a worse driver (than me).


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