Posted by: Sharon | February 9, 2009

Party theme

Shortly after Nina was born, my mom and dad suggested that we have her first birthday celebration in Hawaii.  Maybe ‘suggested’ is too light of a word?  They actually booked a function hall and put down a deposit on the way home from the airport after they flew back to Hawaii from Boston.  Needless to say, this is totally happening, and we are VERY excited to have a definite reason to go back to Hawaii and visit (and to show off our little one).

Some background: first birthdays are HUGE in Hawaii and usually encompass as many people as you invited to your wedding (because of course, everyone who saw you get married wants to see the baby that resulted from it!), which in our case was about 200 people.  Often people throw a ‘Baby Luau’, or combine it with a baptism.  Really, it’s a BIG deal (based on the number of capital letters I’ve used in this post to convey how ENORMOUS first birthday parties are in Hawaii, you get the picture, right?)

In any case, my Auntie Virgie has been the resident graphic designer who has created all the party decorations for every family party I can ever remember.  She does great characters, banners, and lettering.  My dad apparently has ‘mentioned’ to her that she is doing Nina’s party too, so she called me this morning to ask what party theme we’d like to have.  Colors?  Kid icons?  Need some help here.  I haven’t so much as thought past what we’re having for dinner tonight, let alone the color pallete for Nina’s b-day.

So, calling all ideas!  Please leave a comment or email me with your fantasy baby party suggestions.  Thanks!



  1. Hmmmm….I’ll have to think of this…something PINK and fru-fru and frilly…
    Some sort of Hawaiian/ Pilipino /Haitian princess theme….
    I want to go!!! I can’t believe how far in advance your family is planning this! LOL

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