Posted by: Sharon | February 6, 2009

Worst case scenario

I suffer from this disease that I like to call ‘Worst Case Scenario Syndrome’.  Sure, I made that up, but possibly someone else out there has the same paranoia and can share?  Basically, at random times throughout the day I imagine scenarios in my head going the worst possible route and how I might possibly respond.  Often I actually rehearse these situations out loud (usually when I’m alone).  Then at the end of the conversation, I snap out of it and say to myself, ‘Why am I talking to myself?  I must be crazy.’  But of course, I’m still crazy for talking to myself in asking that question out loud.  It’s never ending.  If the dog is in the room, she just gives me a confused look, but I don’t pay attention to that…

Classic (made-up) scenario, which I shared out loud with others during my pregnancy:

SceneMe at the gym on the elliptical machine.

Random person:  Good job – keep it going!  You have a long way to go to get rid of that gut! 

 Me:  I’m pregnant asshole!

Ok, so symptoms of my syndrome, as you can see from above, are irrationality and craziness, pretty much.  Also, wishful thinking, as I haven’t so much as stepped in the gym since before I was pregnant.  People said to me (in real life), ‘That would never happen!’.  Of course, that’s probably true.  So I don’t quite understand my brain’s need to play out these situations.  Maybe it’s a sort of survival thing, so as to prepare me for the time when something like this does spontaneously happen and I’m rendered speechless from shock.  Predictably, all good comebacks come in hindsight, but I don’t want to regret being able to really shut a dumb person up, which has happened before.  Sigh – another post for another day.



  1. This is awesome! and I thought I was nuts! HAHAHHAHAHAHA

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