Posted by: Sharon | February 4, 2009


Hasian (hāy-shen also -zhen)  n. A person who is of Haitian and Asian descent. 
e.g. My baby is Hasian.

This has been the million dollar question from people who only see either me or Ricardo out with Nina. 

Is she Indian? 
Is her mother Latin? 

No, no, no.  She’s Hasian.  Get it right.



  1. AAAAAHHAAHAAASIAN – which am I saying? 🙂 Miss you Sharona!

  2. Did Matt make that up? Did I make that up? Either way, it’s hilarious. I hope Nina will learn to write that in in the other category once she gets old enough to be filling out forms!

  3. i dont remember! I think it was Matt, but you can fight him on that

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