Posted by: Sharon | February 2, 2009

More like “mom”

People have continuously asked me, “So do you feel like a mom, yet?”

And my answer has until now, been, “No.”  I would always see other women with their children and think, “Oh, she’s a mom.”  But I never felt that the word described me.

But since Nina has started day care and I found myself writing her name all over her belongings (like her bag, her bottles, her cereal bowl), I thought to myself, this is it!  I’m officially mom.  When else would I be doing this kind of stuff?

It feels new.  And weird. 

Another thing is that I don’t feel the need to buy so much for myself anymore, and I really start thinking more about spending money on stuff for her.  I NEVER thought that would happen.  I mean, come on, I love to shop and I figured the whole, “I don’t ever buy new stuff for myself because I’m always thinking about my child’s needs” mentality only affected some moms.  Whereas I would continue to do that as well as buy the stuff I wanted.  But  really, it changes you, this whole motherhood thing.



  1. This means I’m already a mom! I SO don’t need to have children ’cause I feel this way about Lola:-) When I had to drop her off at boarding, I had to write her name all over her stuff. And whenever I’m at a Target or CVS or supermarket, I go to the dog section and look for new things for her.

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