Posted by: Sharon | January 28, 2009

I’m losing my hair

Literally.  Not because I’m pulling it out due to stress at work (though I could) or stress from being mom (also, I could) but I guess because it’s supposed to happen right about now post-baby?  Coupled with the fact that I haven’t had a haircut since June (making my hair longer than I usually keep it) I could probably create a wig and/or donate my hair to one of those ‘Lovely Locks’ causes with the hair to be found in our carpet/bathtub drain/my coat/Nina’s blanket/the bed/my cubicle.

Hoping that this will end soon because it’s starting to freak me out!



  1. What if you get a hair cut?

  2. I need a hair cut, but my hair will probably still continue to fall out. It’s supposedly supposed to stop, but no one can tell me when

  3. […] doesn’t want any trail of us left behind (foreshadowing?).  But perhaps this is linked to my hair falling out in real […]

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